Welcome to Room 215

There is no sign outside my business.
You have to take an elevator to find us.
Our name is not even on our door.
Only a room number: 215.

That’s because I sell one diamond at a time to one client at a time, in a private diamond and jewelry showing by appointment only.

There are no shoppers.
There is no rush.
Plus, my low overhead = your bigger diamond!

They call me The Diamond Guy” but my real name is Matt O’Desky and I invite you to experience something different: a much better way to buy your engagement ring or special jewelry piece. It’s better, and it’s more fun!

Just call or email me to set an appointment. We’ll sit together and talk, and I’ll show you some amazing, sparkly things.

And I promise you’ll have the very best jewelry experience you’ve ever had.

Come visit us at Room 215, and prepare to be amazed.


My low overhead = your bigger, better diamond

My business model and my buying expertise allow me to offer you better diamonds, for less money:

  1. Because we have no retail showroom, I have much lower overhead!
  2. Because I personally hand pick my diamonds and gemstones directly from the suppliers, and my standard is incredibly high.


No lifeless diamonds here

The thing that makes a diamond sparkle is how it is CUT.

Sadly, most diamonds sold are purposefuly cut with incorrect proportions, which yields a duller diamond that does not sparkle like it should.

Why on Earth would they do that? They do it to preserve more of the diamond’s weight, because unfortunately diamonds are sold by weight, not by beauty.

But I refuse to carry the poorly cut, dull diamonds you find almost everywhere you look. I only pick diamonds that are properly cut for maximum sparkle and beauty, regardless of size.

So this is how I offer my clients bigger, better cut diamonds, in higher quality jewelry pieces for a much lower price than you’ll find at virtually any retail jewelry store in Texas! It’s a sweet deal.


Our Custom Work

I have fabulous jewelry brands, but about half of all the jewelry pieces I sell are custom-designed.

So let’s say you want your engagement ring to be a one-of-a-kind work of art, we start by finding your centerpiece diamond, then based on your ideas and desires I custom create your dream engagement ring, something totally unique in all the world.

*See some of the custom jewelry MAGIC we’ve pulled off for our clients here


Let’s Talk!

I’m very proud of my diamonds, and of the incredible pieces we create and offer here in Austin Diamond Room. And I love the way that I’ve chosen to do business: selling one beautifully cut diamond at a time, to one amazed customer at a time. I believe THIS is the way to buy something as important as a diamond.

When you come visit Room 215, I know you will agree with me.

Right here in our beloved Austin, a sparklingly rare jewelry experience is just a phone call or email away!