Magic happens in Room 215.

But you have to find it first.

No sign outside

You take an elevator up, and down hallway to a door: Room 215.

Personal attention in a private setting

By appointment only

Magic happens in Room 215

But you have to find it first.

No sign outside

Take the elevator. Go down a long hallway. Enter Room 215.

Personal attention in a private setting

By appointment only

Why choose a private, upstairs jeweler?


We believe you shouldn’t buy something as precious as a diamond from a department store, in a rush, surrounded by strangers.


In Room 215 there is no crush of shoppers and no pushy salespeople.


We refuse to carry the dull, poorly-cut diamonds most jewelers sell.


Our lower overhead = your bigger diamond!

Custom-designed engagement rings

Almost half of all the jewelry we sell is custom

If you can imagine it, we can do it! And, believe it or not, buying a custom piece here is actually less expensive than buying a pre-designed piece!

Check out our Custom Designs for ideas and examples of some custom work we’ve done for our clients.

Meet Matt

I’ve been in the jewelry business and loving it for almost 20 years.
I came to Austin to offer a very different jewelry experience.
We are an upstairs, by-appointment only diamond brokerage, offering you:

– a relaxed diamond and jewelry showing in a private setting
– a custom jewelry designer that turns dreams into reality
– a better selection of better-cut diamonds
– a Master Goldsmith and Watchmaker-extraordinaire!

Watch the video on this page to hear how Austin Diamond Room is able to give you clearly better diamonds at obviously better prices, and how we acquire gemstones and diamonds directly from their source. And you can visit Meet Matt to read more.

Engagement rings

Over a thousand unique styles and, no locked cases! You can put rings on every finger and toe if you want. Add in endless customization options and we truly are an engagement ring goldmine, hidden in Austin. Let’s explore your design.

If you can dream it, we can design it.

Created diamonds are real diamonds

Ice made in a refrigerator is still ice, is it not? Come witness a miracle of chemistry and electricity. Our futuristic Austin 360 Created Diamond is our exclusive-cut sparkler. You just have to see one to believe it. Learn more about created diamonds.

Sunglasses not included

‘New Vintage’ Jewelry

From Edwardian to Art Deco to Retro … vintage jewelry is all the rage, and if you love it as much as we do, you really must come see our amazing collection of vintage-style reproductions.

It’s a modern trip back in time.