Sell your jewelry to us!

We understand the many terms in which you may want to sell your jewelry. Let’s face it, most of the time, selling your jewelry isn’t the most pleasant experience and doesn’t usually come with the happiest in times. We do our best to respect whatever your reason is for selling, and will provide you with the best options for you.


What Makes Us Different?

It’s simple. Here locally there are very few “end buyers”. When a retail store buys jewelry, they are immediately flipping it to an “end buyer”, but not before taking a healthy commission. Here at The Austin Diamond Room, we are the end buyers. In addition, we partner with other end buyers in town. So don’t go and hand off hundreds or thousands of dollars that should end up in your pocket. Call or email us and set up an appointment and let us establish the value of your jewelry for free.

What We Buy:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Diamonds
  • Gemstones
  • Watches*
  • Coins


*due to the rise of counterfeit watches on the market, most watches will be opened and fully inspected before any offers will be made to assure the validity of the watch.


What to Bring with you:

Any certificates, appraisals, receipts, or diamond grading reports are always helpful.


How we determine our offers:

It’s simple. After evaluating your jewelry, we will determine what we would have to pay to buy or create your exact piece. From there, we will determine what costs are involved in getting your piece ready to resell. Do we need to repair anything? Polish anything? Finally, we will predict how long it will take us to resell the item. For items that are currently out of style, we will pay less considering it’s a long-term investment.

Don’t like our offer? We will be more than happy to refer you a couple very reputable and honest end buyers like ourselves.
Any certificates, appraisals, receipts, or diamond grading reports are always helpful.

Get Started:

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