Created & Synthetic Diamonds

A miracle of chemistry and electricity
In the past, all diamonds were dug from diamond mines. But now, we have the knowledge and skill to create diamonds. And they are fantastic.

Introducing the Austin 360 Created Diamond!

Born in an electrically-charged plasma chamber, the Austin 360 Created Diamond is a real diamond, chemically identical to the finest diamonds formed over a millennia, in the crust of the Earth.
  • A Created Diamond is not “synthetic” or “fake.”
  • It is 100% diamond.
  • It’s is born the day you fell in love, with no history except the history you give it.

You must witness it

Both ancient geological and newborn created diamonds are simply pure carbon under intense heat and pressure. Come see an Austin 360 Diamond for yourself, and prepare to be shocked and amazed.

“Created diamonds are real diamonds, just like ice made in a refrigerator is real ice!”

~ Matt O’Desky, Austin Diamond Room

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