Meet Matt!

Growing up in Chicago, I was accustomed to the downtown “Diamond District” – an area of buildings packed with hundreds of diamond wholesalers and upstairs diamond brokers. I moved to Texas, and when I realized there were no private, by-appointment jewelers in Austin, I knew what I needed to do. First, I needed to deliver a far more personalized client service, in a way more relaxed and fun environment than any chain store jeweler could possibly deliver. Second, I needed to offer my clients clearly better diamonds at obviously better prices by using the “Diamond District” model so that my low overhead = your bigger diamond! … and also by direct sourcing and hand-selecting every diamond we sell.

With this unique approach, I easily surpass every retail store jeweler in Austin, and even on the internet; They simply cannot compete with the quality and the prices we offer.


We pride ourselves in our diamonds, our service and the way we do business. Whether showcasing diamonds, customizing your engagement ring or finding you the perfect gift, we are proud to be a private jeweler for our wonderful clients.

Find Room 215 and I promise that you will have the greatest, most interesting and fun jewelry experience you’ve ever had.