Choosing a Stunning Gift for Your Valentine

Alright, we all made it through the holidays. We’re proud of you for finishing up all of that gift wrapping but wait… there’s one occasion you can’t forget about! …Valentine’s Day.

Whether you celebrate or not, one thing is for sure: if you don’t do it right, your significant other may never let you live it down!

We kid, we kid. But we have been there, and we know it’s difficult to choose “the perfect gift.” That’s why we’re here to help. Here are a few classic Valentine’s Day gifts any special woman would adore!

A Pendant Necklace

It’s all about love. An ever-classic gift that makes her heart flutter, a pendant necklace is the perfect gift for saying “I love you.” Pick a single diamond, or have one adorned with gems, or choose a heart to represent the one she stole from you. Each time she notices the weight of her precious pendant, she’ll think of you.

Go the extra mile by having the pendant engraved with something sentimental; a special date or a phrase the two of you tell each other every day.


A dazzling bracelet is an incredible gift for the lady in your life. There are countless options for designing the perfect bangle, just ask your jeweler, Matt O’Desky, at The Austin Diamond Room for ideas and suggestions!

A Stunning Ring

Whether it’s a fashion ring or THE ring, nothing shows your love and commitment quite like the act of slipping that band on her finger. With the variety of choices in our showroom or even your own designs, we can create the perfect one-of-a-time gift for the perfect one-of-a-time-love.

Schedule an appointment to visit the Austin Diamond Room, where we always have Valentine’s Day covered!

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